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Ing. Alexander Ignatenko, Ph. D.

Alexander Alexandrovich Ignatenko was born in 1961 / Irpen, Ukraine /


1978 - 1984 study of architecture and construction at the Kiev Engineering and Construction Institute / Kiev, Ukraine / and in the Slovak Polytechnic Institute / Bratislava, Czechoslovakia /.

1989-1991 doctoral studies at the Slovak Technical University / Bratislava, Slovakia /. Defense in the technology of building. 

Design & Construction

1984 “Ignatenko Architectural Group” / Kiev, Ukraine / was founded. Specialization - projects of wooden and stone saunas, houses, hotels and religious objects. Each project emphasizes the comfort of housing and the harmony of the building with nature. The number of projects is 250.

2003 “Construction company “Module” / Kiev, Ukraine / was opened. More than fifty temples and villas were built according to the author’s projects in twelve European countries.

Thanks to the mentors

PRECISION CRAFT / USA / - visualizations for wooden house projects are made with maximum realism, columns and faces of beams underline the authenticity of a wooden structure.

PIONEER LOG HOMES / CANADA / - houses are made of red cedar / thuja /, the average age of used logs is 250 years, masters save the natural pattern of trunks as much as possible.

PRECISION CRAFT & PIONEER LOG HOMES, their philosophy of wooden architecture served as the starting point for Alexander Ignatenko's design in the WILD LOG STYLE

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