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Archcitectural Design

The starting point of the project is a meeting with the Customer, during which the image of the future building is created. The next step is to go to the place of the future construction. The building should fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape and be oriented towards the facades of the bedroom, fireplace room, living room, kitchen and dining room in the course of the sun /from sunrise to sunset/.

During the creative dialogue with the Customer, the principal decisions are made on the layout of premises and facades of the building. Ergonomics is a guide to the arrangement of furniture and equipment, calculation of heights of premises, staircase marches and entrance groups.

The project "Architectural Solutions", approved by the Customer, includes:

  • the general plan of the plot with the dimensional and altitude attachment of the projected building;
  • floor plans with explication of premises;
  • facades of the building with altitude markings and specification of surfaces;
  • a plan of foundations with specification of materials/crushed stone, concrete, armature/;
  • roof plan with material specification/elements of the rafter system/;
  • longitudinal and transverse sections/plane of the cut is taken from the foundation to the roof/;
  • main structural units/foundations, walls, ceilings, roof/;
  • specifications /floors, window and door structures/.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is provided for the harmonious fitting of the projected building into the surrounding landscape. Impoundments, cascading waterfalls, grottoes and rocks are developed in creative tandem with Konstantin Yudin www.konstantinudin.com

The project "Landscape design", approved by the Customer, includes:

  • the general plan of the territory with the application of the main areas of landscape filling;
  • the center plan of the landscape zones, the exploration of elements and structures;
  • dendrological plan, assortment specification of plants;
  • landing plan with elemental indication of all planted plants;
  • irrigation and drainage plan with the application of elements of automatic irrigation system;
  • a scheme of landscape lighting with the attachment of lighting fixtures;
  • detailed breakdown of pedestrian tracks and panoramic platforms;
  • 3D views of the landscape zones with different lighting options;
  • estimate for performing landscape works and offer for service.
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